Brand Identity

Branding Starts With Your Ideal Customer In Mind

There’s a lot more to brand identity than you might think. Customer personas, mission/vision/value statement, content guidelines. We take care of it all.

Design Is a Visual Language That’s Unique To Your Business

Once we have an idea of who you are and what your ideal customer looks like, we get started designing a language for all of your marketing to follow including colors and your logo.

From Your Own Brand Guidelines We Create All Of Your Brand Assets

Now that we have the foundation, we design the rest. Business Cards, Social Media Kits, Email Signatures, Flyers, Vehicle Wraps, Billboards. We include a brand guidelines document.

Brand Identity Takes A Whole Lot More Than Just a Logo.

Having a unique brand identity is not just an option, it’s a necessity for any business seeking to stand out. Your brand identity is a lot more than just your logo. It’s both a tone an audience for your content and a visual language your business uses to communicate with their customers. At Up The Brand, our branding process is designed to ensure your business not only looks great but sells more and is seen effortlessly. Our approach is centered around developing a deep understanding of your vision, mission, and values. We use that to bring your brand’s essence to life through strategic design and innovative thinking.

Customer Onboarding & Questionnaires: We have a simple and streamlined onboarding process. We use this process to learn about your vision for your brand. This helps us execute that vision into great brand abstracts and brand assets.

Brand Identity Development: The cornerstone of our service is crafting a brand identity that resonates deeply with your audience. We begin this journey by establishing your brand’s vision, mission, and value statements. We ensure every aspect of your brand aligns with these core principles. Understanding your your brand from this fundamental level allows us to create branding that reflects your business’s ethos.

Logo Design and Brand Visuals: The visual representation of your brand is where the magic of graphic design shines. Our logo design process is thorough and collaborative, involving up to three rounds of revisions. We provide up to three variations for each logo design, ensuring versatility across different mediums. From this logo, we create a set of brand colors to use across all your other brand assets. Alongside the logo, we create a content guidelines document, a business card design with 1000 printed cards, and a comprehensive brand guideline document that outlines your brand rules, ensuring consistency across all brand communications.

Extended Brand Collateral: For a full branding experience, we offer an additional design item of the customer’s choosing, from brochures to storefront signage, further customizing your brand’s presence. Our package also includes a set of social media-ready graphics for several platforms, along with registration and setup of social media profiles, ensuring your brand’s digital footprint is as robust and coherent as its physical one.

Our branding process is designed not just with the present in mind but with a vision for the future. It’s about laying a foundation that allows your brand to grow, evolve, and continue resonating with your audience. With Up The Brand, you’re not just getting a logo or a business card, you’re building a brand ready for long-term success and recognition.

By partnering with Up The Brand, you’re choosing a team that embodies honesty, transparency, tenacity, ethics, and expertise. Let us help you elevate your branding and digital marketing strategy, creating a brand identity that’s not just seen but remembered.

Branding Done Right Means Better Marketing

Having a brand identity that really stands out from your competitors means you get more. More name recognition, more leads, more repeat customers, and more conversions on all of your other marketing avenues. That’s why we take a “brand first” approach to digital marketing.

Start With The Customer In Mind

Branding starts with your ideal customer in mind. We start the work by building customer personas and talking to stakeholders within your company as well your best clients.

Brand Guidelines For Better Design

Now it’s time to start building your branding guidelines that will used throughout all of your branded assets. These guidelines will drive all of your future design decisions.

The Message Is Key

Once we know the audience we work on finding the tone and approach to your content. This includes mission, vision, value statements as overall content guidelines. Keep your content consistent.

Brand Guidelines Applied

We use our established branding guidelines to design all of your other brand assets. This includes your business cards, email signatures, social media kit and more.

Time To Get Colorful

Once we know your brand’s overall tone we can start adding some color. We begin designing a logo as well as finding color schemes that speak to your audience while standing out in every medium.

Let’s Get Social

After all of your brand assets and guidelines are approved we create new designs for your social media spaces. We announce the new brand using your social channels.

More Important Is What We Don’t Do

Don’t waste your time with agencies that don’t have your best interests in mind.

No Source Files Withheld

It’s your company’s work. You paid for it, you get it. Along with our brand guidelines, we send over all relevant brand assets to be used, edited, and changed by your team.

No Design Without Data

Branding requires more than just a logo and some brand colors. By starting with your brand abstracts such as your customer personas, we make sure to get it right.

No Corners Cut

We take the time to get all of your assets done the right way. We don’t just hobble together assets from templates, we design your brand from the ground up

Upfront Pricing

We don’t like to waste time. We leave our prices right out in the open. Some projects might require a custom price. We like to give you an idea of what to expect.

Ask about our payment plans.

Basic Brand Identity Kit


Perfect for businesses starting out on their branding journey. This package includes:

Customer Personas (Up To 3 Personas)
Mission, Vision, Value Statements
1 Logo Design with 3 Rounds of Edits
1000 Business Cards Designed and Printed
1 Additional Design Asset Of Your Choice
Designed Social Media Assets (Up To 3 Profiles)
Content Guidelines Document
Brand Guidelines Document

Complete Brand Identity Kit


For established brands with a target audience in mind looking for a rebrand or a complete brand identity. This includes:

Customer Personas (Up To 6 Personas)
3 Options For Mission, Vision, Value Statements
3 Full Logo Designs with 3 Rounds of Edits On Selected Logo
2500 Business Cards Designed and Printed
3 Additional Design Asset Of Your Choice
Designed Social Media Assets (Up To 7 Profiles)
Content Guidelines Document
Brand Guidelines Document
5 Hardback Brand Coffee Book
Video Based Sizzle Reel

Our Results Speak For Themselves

Check out some of the brands we’ve worked on to get an idea for the level of quality we offer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A Brand Identity Kit is crucial for maintaining consistency across all your brand communications. Consistency helps build brand recognition and trust with your audience. The kit serves as a reference for how your brand should be presented in various contexts, ensuring that every touchpoint with customers reflects your brand’s values and personality.

The process usually begins with a discovery session to understand your business goals, target audience, and brand values. Based on this understanding, the branding team will develop concepts for the key elements of your brand identity. After reviewing and refining these concepts through several rounds of revisions, the final elements are compiled into your Brand Identity Kit, along with guidelines for their use.

The timeline can vary significantly depending on the complexity of your brand identity needs and the number of revisions required. On average, the process can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months. It’s important to communicate with your branding team to understand the timeline and plan accordingly.

Yes, as your brand evolves, it may be necessary to update your Brand Identity Kit. This could involve refreshing your logo, updating your color palette, or adding new elements to the kit. It’s a good practice to review your brand identity periodically and consult with your branding team to ensure your brand remains relevant and aligned with your business goals.

Customization is a key part of creating a Brand Identity Kit. The design process should be collaborative, allowing for your feedback and revisions to ensure the final elements truly represent your brand. However, once the final versions are agreed upon, it’s crucial to stick to the specified guidelines to maintain brand consistency.

You’ll receive your Brand Identity Kit in digital format. This includes vector files for logos (AI, EPS), raster images (PNG, JPEG), typography and content guidelines (PDF), and a brand style guide (PDF). You’ll also receive printed business cards or other print items. If you have any questions about the items in your kit don’t hesitate to ask.

A question like this really shows why Brand Identity is so misunderstood. Your brand is NOT your logo. Your brand is not your colors. It’s not even your name. Your brand is everything that distinguishes your company from others. What your customer base looks like? What your brand voice sounds like? Do you deliver your product or service on time? Your brand is anything that might be associated with your business. If you don’t spend time developing your brand you allow the outside world to develop it for you, and they very often miss the mark.

There’s a reason that large companies spend millions of dollars on rebranding efforts. It’s because good branding works, and it helps all other marketing avenues work better as a result.

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